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About Us

Since 1975, we produce Polyamide (Nylon) and Polyester Threads, Yarn and Cords in the Bonded, Siliconized and Waxed finishes.

Research and Development entered into our history

For over four decades, we have been assisting our clients in finding, and implementing responsible and value generating solutions. We carefully observed the evolution of the market, machinery, inputs and applications, and we translated our learning into improvements and constant development of products and processes.

More than 70 items for many applications

We produce more than seventy items, including high tenacity Polyamide (Nylon) and Polyester threads, yarns, cords and tapes in the bonded, siliconized and waxed finishes. These products are intended for many applications in the leather, footwear, automotive, upholstery, mistresses, nautical, sports articles, PPE, saddlery, handmade products departments, among others.

Privileged location

Our factory is located in the city of Itatiba, in the state of São Paulo, 90 km from the capital of São Paulo, next to Bandeirantes, Anhanguera and Dom Pedro highways, allowing us a quick flow. We have subsidiaries in the 4 main centers of leather footwear departments in Brazil (Novo Hamburgo-RS, Franca-SP, Nova Serrana-SP and Birigui-SP), ensuring prompt delivery of products and basic colors.

Environment and Waste

We have sustainable actions and we respect the environment. Check it out below:
- We send industrial water to outfalls of SABESP (effluent treatment);
- We separate and store empty packages of chemicals, avoiding soil contamination (distribution to companies approved);
- The waste generated is reused by third parties (tows);
- We separate the organic rubbish from the factory, administrative department, and cafeteria;
- We recycle plastic, iron and cardboard materials.

In addition to wastes, we are also worried about energy saving:
- At peak times of energy consumption, we turn our larger machines off;
- We participate in Energy Free Market negotiated by CPFL (energy derived from wind and small hydroelectric plants);
- The investment in machinery / equipment and the corrective and preventive maintenance reduce our energy consumption.

CETESB Release:
- It was allowed to us the operation release by CETESB, according to Rule P4.261 covering studies of risk analysis in the process of environmental licensing, aiming at preventing accidents.

Quality Policy

We have the quality certification, according to requirements of the NBR ISO 9001:2008 Standard, which has the following philosophy:
- Meet the needs of our clients with competitive prices and products;
- Develop partnerships with suppliers aiming at the commitment to quality;
- Contribute to the continuous evolution of the processes and products;
- Encourage the development of the capacity and growth of our employees.

The main benefits that ISO brought to us are:
- Growth of production;
- Control of productive process;
- Increase of final quality;
- Reduction of wastes;
- Increase in the commitment of the employees.

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Mission, vision, and values

Our mission is to keep our focus on quality and excellence in the technical support by encouraging the active participation of the employees and external providers, aiming to overcome the expectations of our clients. Among our values, there are the social and environmental responsibility, reliability, ethics and commitment, principles that guide our attitudes and decisions towards our vision, which consists of conquering the leadership position in the market of high tenacity yarns and threads.

Contact Us

Av. Luciano Consoline, 705
Itatiba-SP | Jardim De Lucca - CEP 13253-205

+55 (11) 4487-6600 | 0800 0140397

+55 (11) 998755041